“Pie! Now!”


Santisima Muerte has a small altar at our Chapel. She works hard to protect those in danger and to guard and comfort those facing death, so she requests frequent food offerings.

When I began working with Santísima Muerte, I hit the ground running: I had a client who had been seriously jinxed and needed to be uncrossed and protected in a flaming hurry.

Well, they say Most Holy Death is kind and merciful when she isn’t grimly just, and so she stepped up and helped my client.

And then the orders began coming in — from her.  I’d see them in my mind’s eye — single words in block type: GINGER or FRUIT, mostly.  (She decided to move in after the first offering of crystallized ginger scones.)

Lately, when praying along with the Crystal Silence League, I’ve been offering her the miseries and pain of those who post prayer requests — inviting her to uproot those miseries and consume them to sustain Herself.  That seems to content her — there have been fewer demands for the material sweets of earthly life.

But tonight I made a Shaker-style Meyer lemon pie (a variation on this recipe), and She wasn’t going to miss that!


If you make this pie, by the way, be sure to let those thinly sliced lemons sit in sugar at room temperature as the recipe directs — but for more than the 6 hours specified. If you use them at once, it’s like a mouthful of perfume: not nice at all. Eighteen hours is about right. I also used a standard flaky pie crust recipe, and added an extra egg and some flour to the filling.  It’s rich and smooth, but too sweet.  Maybe one more lemon…?



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