A feast day for angelic troublemakers


St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t get much play in the chapel. We celebrate Bayard Rustin Day instead —

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How we celebrate Bayard Rustin Day

  • By all means get the DVD if you can — it’s wonderful.
  • Print and frame a picture of Brother Bayard and welcome him to your table with a vegetarian feast. I think we’re going with red curry noodles (no fish sauce, please) and Thai Corn Pancakes.
  • Then place him on your angelic troublemaker ancestor angelic troublemaker altar — if you don’t have one, you’ll start one tonight, I bet.

I also like to give him a vegetarian treat every Saturday, and listen for any directions he might have for me.

So Happy Bayard Rustin Day, everybody — and do feel free to post any good links you find!




3 Responses to “A feast day for angelic troublemakers”

  1. Tristan says:

    Hey there Miss Michaele,

    The weather’s so nice out that I decided to have veggie burgers and baked garlic curry fries. I think Brother Rustin was pleased with the menu. I was happy to invite him in on his centennial.

    Here’s to good food – and good justice!

    • MissMichaele says:

      Brother Rustin spent some time in India, learning all about nonviolent resistance from Gandhi himself. I have the impression Indian vegetarian cooking, or dishes so inspired, would hit the spot. I don’t think he’s a picky eater, though 🙂

  2. MissMichaele says:

    Well, there are broken links at rustin.org, more’s the pity. So, google-fu commences:

    Brother Bayard on picking your battles:

    Here’s a rustin.org link that works: A precis of Rustin’s career by his partner, Walter Naegle — VERY impressive; he was a mover and shaper behind the Freedom Riders (starting in 1947!), banning chain gangs, the Montgomery Bus Boycott — oh, it goes on and on. And protesting colonialism abroad, laying the groundwork for freedom in South Africa — no, he didn’t invent it, but he always had his hands in it.

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