Storefront Theology


A few weeks ago, I promised a new series on this blog: “Storefront Theology” — so we can have church, or Sunday School, or Scripture study. You may have noticed some posts placed in this category already.

Now, I’m not much of a preacher. And while I love to read, I don’t call myself a scholar.

What I’m going to be doing — whenever I get the chance — is asking questions of actual scholars on big, deep, wide-open subjects, like prayer and salvation.  I’ll start by posting here about what I learn, and maybe later we’ll have a Blogtalk Radio show or a podcast or something.

Meanwhile, there are so many wonderful open-hearted religious and spiritual blogs and books and webcasts out there, and I will point you to some of the best. (One of my favorites, Slacktivist, actually snuck into Jubilee Time a few weeks back.)

And occasionally, when I’m led to it, I’ll post a Sermonette of my own.


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