Sunday Jubilee Time: Golden Bells


Here’s a good glad tune — invitation, trust, and above all patience:

First the Mighty Clouds of Joy:

Embedly Powered


And we have to hear Miss Mahalia; come on now.

Embedly Powered

I’m not usually about Southern Gospel, but I do love a good bass voice.  I do like the way the honky-tonk/rockabilly piano comes in toward the end.

Embedly Powered


The full lyrics are here.  I don’t mean to carp or complain, but I do believe all three of these versions leave out the best part — the last two verses:

We shall know no sin or sorrow,
In that haven of tomorrow,
When our barque shall sail beyond the silver sea;
We shall only know the blessing
Of our Father’s sweet caressing,
When they ring the golden bells for you and me.


When our days shall know their number,
And in death we sweetly slumber,
When the King commands the spirit to be free;
Nevermore with anguish laden,
We shall reach that lovely Eden,
When they ring the golden bells for you and me.

Isn’t that kind of like getting up from Thanksgiving dinner before the pumpkin pie?

Once again, I was led to this tune by the Original Five Blind Boys of Alabama, in their album “The Sermon.” Do you have your copy yet?



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