Sunday Jubilee Time: J. Robert Bradley


First we continue last week’s theme of escape:

J. Robert Bradley – Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow (1950)The greatest bass to come out of the National Baptist Convention and the protegĂ© of gospel composer Lucie Campbell, Sir J. Robert Bradley was a vocalist whose powers of song interpretation and style were too grand and refined to be confined to gospel alone.

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Now we gotta have some more of that voice, am I right? So:

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You’ve got to love everybody if you want to be saved…
You’ve got to sympathize with everybody if you want to meet King Jesus!

Aha! I thought so!

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There is sunshine in our sorrow
when our hearts are filled with pain.

I first discovered this about 30 years ago. I was deep in the depths of sorrow, and for good reason, when I had this flash of joy stab me awake. Out of nowhere. It was embarrassing, but I just had to deal with the fact that everything was going to be all right.


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