Bet on Stewball. Is there a candle for that?


OK, my intention was to post a nice little gospel tune just to make it a little easier to get hold of the spirit – but then I was captivated by the harmonies in this old song my mother used to sing.

Seriously, gambling magic is one of the oldest families of spells. I’ve had a number of clients ask me for lucky numbers and candles for the lottery – not for thrills, not to get rich, but just to make ends meet sometimes. It isn’t my strong suit; I prefer to work a long-term general prosperity spell instead.

It’s still a great song, though. Enjoy.


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  1. Long term prosperity work is always a more calming, sure work. But, boy, when someone gets good at giving out those numbers! Whoa boy! LOL

    I love the song and Congratulations on the website!

    God bless Aunt Caroline Dye and God Bless Miss Michaele!

    -Joseph Magnuson

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