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Is it *all* about Jesus? Just a quick note about hegemony


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Wait, Long Word Alert — here ya go:

By hegemony I mean cultural hegemony (click here for way more than you’ll ever need to know about it). I understand that the powerful swamp the world with their ideas, whether by sheer seductiveness or fire and sword or “bribery,” such as the kind that makes “rice Christians.” That’s a subject for another post, right there, so I’ll chop that tangent off short.

What I meant to say is that I link to and write about Christianity because that’s the faith tradition I know best. Yet at the Missionary Independent Spiritual churches, we not only welcome all members to our congregations, but all deities to our altars.  I don’t know many of the world’s spirits and deities very well, but I don’t want to be inhospitable or to fuel the common perception that Christians think they have a monopoly on spiritual truth.

So I’m calling on my readers to point me to seeker-friendly, progressive, hospitable links about other faith traditions — especially if you know them from the inside. Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, ATRs — bring ’em on!