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Sunday Jubilee Time (and Brain Candy Sampler): Study War No More


“If we believe that human misperceptions and misconceptions and incomplete and thus inaccurate comprehensions are mainly due to sin, then we’re tempted to conclude that anyone who is fallible is therefore evil”.

Fundamentalism thrives on isolation from and opposition to the world — isolation from and opposition to the rest of society, to other people, to The Other, to everyone else.”

And here’s a church that got welcoming right! — Click through on this one — you won’t regret it. I’ll wait.

Feel better?  Let’s finish with a glad jumping hymn from Sister Rosetta:

Sunday Jubilee Time: Two by Rosetta Tharpe


When I was young, my parents had a guitar shop in Berkeley, CA. They stocked Arhoolie Records, Sing Out! Magazine, and all kinds of good things. They also went to blues performances as often as they could; I dimly, dimly remember seeing Big Mama Thornton as a child, and I know we went to the Cabal Coffeehouse in Berkeley to see at least one old Delta blues guitarist.

So how come I didn’t know about this until yesterday?

Thanks once again to Fred Clarke at Slacktivist.


Wait, here’s another!

Halloween and/or Christmas!


Folks, I can’t decide whether it’s Halloween or Christmas here today! Two different conjure friends of mine sent me grave dirt from:

Caroline Dye … and Frederick Douglass!

Adam Smith and Butch Comer, thank you about a million times!