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Sunday Jubilee Time: A Miracle Worker


After many years — decades! — of drudgery and scarcity which are not over yet, we enter into a time of miracles and wonders.  (Yes, as an unashamed lefty, I do count Occupy Wall Street as a miracle and a wonder.)

Further progress in the chapel


Well, you know the simple wooden table I was using for my workbench? My darling husband/IT Master/Art Department/Sexton switched it with my justice altar (the one where Aunt Caroline Dye and Dr. Hernandez presided). So the justice altar now sits by the window, and the old workbench is now a new love altar.
The “old” love altar — about a week old, it was! — is now Dr. Hernandez’s new, private altar, where Jesus and St. Jude stand by him.

In the shot of the Justice Altar you can see a corner of my new workbench.  More you won’t get … until I clean it.  Again.

Sunday Jubilee Time


This tune has been running in my head all week, and I don’t even know the lyrics.

(Lyrics are here.)

… And here’s the slightly syncopated instrumental version, suitable for those who are shy around the spirit.