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An early Sunday Sermonette: “Gay people have never been the enemy”; to suggest otherwise “makes Jesus cry”


“The institution of marriage is not under attack as a result of the President’s words. Marriage was under attack years ago by men who viewed women as property and children as trophies of sexual prowess.”
Full text of Rev. Otis Moss’ letter to his colleague

Sunday Sermonette and Jubilee Time: Modern gospel dynamite


I have not a single word to add … except I wonder how many of his congregation walked out.  I’d have stayed, but you know that. (And maybe the majority of his congregation did, too; you can dimly hear shouts, but can’t really make out whether or not they’re Amens.  Shots of the congregation shows applause and smiles, mostly.

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I found this on, of course.  The link leads to the video again — but the comments section is mostly intelligent and has some good links.

Now let’s cool off with some good gospel music … (warning: tastefully displayed titties at 1:40.)

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Sermonette by John Shore: “Playing the kazoo at a requiem mass”


Once again, the work has been done for me.

Why this white Christian “leader” was silent about Trayvon Martin | JohnShore.comA question that’s lately been raised in the blogosphere (here; here; here) is why more white Christian leaders haven’t spoken out against the death of Trayvon Martin. Putting aside the question of whether or not I’m a Christian leader (I’m not), when the story broke of young Martin’s death I did receive a number of requests to write about it.

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